Mason bee nesttubes - bee patient !


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Mason bee nesttubes - bee patient !

  • Have come across a few posts on various forums where people have not had success with these......

    I have used commercially bought tube boxes since 2001. That year, i had 25 tubes . This year, c 330.

    I am a professional jobbing gardener specialising in wildlife-friendly gardener based in KT22 area of Surrey.

    This year, I put the new hexagonal boxes that are supplied by CJ Wildfoods in 6 of my customer's gardens. All, as per my garden face south to south east , between 4 - 6 feet high on a wall or shed without overhanging vegetation.

    Now the nesting season for Red Mason Bee is over, the tubes filled were 6; 29; 8, 9, 8 ,1 respectively

  • I put up my first box this year and a number of tubes have been filled for a couple of months now - I also saw a bee busy blocking up one of the holes over the weekend (whether a different species or not I have no idea!

  • nesting count was down this year due to the bad weather, but still over 180 tubes filled. My customer's nest counts:

    2011      2012

    6             2

    29          relocated to a friends garden after owner moved.

    8            25

    9            21

    8            11

    1             6