live web cams tawny and barn owls. from dorset wildlife trust.


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live web cams tawny and barn owls. from dorset wildlife trust.

  • that annoying feather that gets in the way of the camera has finally gone great.

  • Yes just got a good view of the tawny owl chicks again when mrs tawny owl left the nest, anyone seen Mr tawny owl yet??  hope he is still around feeding.

    Barn owls are beautiful, still no sign of eggs hatching yet, not sure how long she has been sitting. just been watching them both, and they have just mated again , cant wait for the chicks to hatch, hope there will be enough food around for them all :)

  • I am watching the Barn owls and Tawney owls still and they seem to be doing well, the tawney owl chicks are growing fast. Hope they can continue to find enough food!!

    The Barn Owl has two chicks they hatched out later than the Tawney owls, its amazing how fast they grow, one tawney owl chick ate a small mouse quite easily last night

  • I am worried about the Tawny Owl chicks getting wet and they look cold, has anyone seen Mrs Tawny owl, I seem to keep missing her, kept checking last night but did not see her, I hope they are being fed!!

    Also Bob and Brenda Barn Owls, Bob does not seem to be roosting in  nesting box, thought he would be on a day like today. He brought food into Brenda and chicks last night, hope they will all be ok!!!

  • thanks for all the comments iforgot i put this on here and just stumbled across it ive been watching every night , the three little tawny chicks are sooo lovely and poor old brenda the barn owl is certainly got her work cut out. have seen mr and mrs twoo last couple of nights and bob was back roosting with the family yesterday. im glad your all enjoying the web cams.

  • Hi Trisha

    Yes just hope the bad weather gets better soon, then it will be a bit better conditions for hunting for them. Really enjoying watching them, but dont like to see them wet and cold hope mum is around somewhere, she cant keep them warm now as there is so little room in the nest box.

    I think I can just see bob roosting in the doorway at the side :)

  • Started to have the odd peek a while back, now can hardly tear myself away of an evening :-) Wasn't going to comment as the Barn Owls at Arne last year nearly took over my life! And I think the Arne Kestrel eggs will probably hatch just as I go on my hols - not thinking about it for now :-)

  • Have been checking the barn owls nest box all day on and off and normally the male barn owl Bob in nesting box in the day time. Still no sign of him at all. Hope they get some food soon and the male barn owl  is ok!! I thought he was there earlier but it was not him!!

  • sadly brenda has been missing for 4 days now i fear something may have happened to her bob is doing his best to feed the two remaining barn owl chicks. also today the smallest tawney owl chick passed away and is currently becoming food for his too bigger siblings, so sad but the way of the world :'( , no waste. the diffrence in size between the barn owl chicks isnt too big so hopefully with bob doing his best they should both survive, and i would be very supprised if the two tawneys stay much longer both have started to venture outside the box. i shall keep watching untill they have all fledged and left.  

  • new web cam on the dorset wildlife site kestrel cam