Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012


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Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012

  • Thank you GeoDave.

  • Here is another new arrival that some would probably prefer not to see!!!

    I'm a big softie when it comes to Squirrels and just haven't got the heart to shoo them away and there is plenty of food for all. Plus the little birds don't appear to be intimidated by them.  My husband professes not to be keen on squirrels (calls them rats with a pretty tail) and last summer in an attempt to deter them from climbing up the pole he greased it.  However, they managed to outwit his cunning plan and made it to the top which was a hilarious sight to behold. In truth, I suspect my husband finds them as entertaining as I do, but he would hate to admit it! Think he is more worried about the food bill!

  • I liked the squirrel story as although I like squirrels, they like the expensive sunflower hearts and so I too, greased the poles on the feeders. I used lard and for whatever reason he didn't like the smell so kept running around in circles with his nose in the air sniffing the poles. Eventually he climbed a small silver birch and I thought he was going to attempt a 2 metre leap across to the top of the feeder - but he decided against that. Eventually he decided to leap from the ground to the dish halfway up the pole but failed to make it and slid in a very undignified squirrel-like way down the pole. He ran off with his paws inevitably covered in lard - haven't seen him since! :-)

    A few babies have finally arrived in my garden to join the baby Dunnock - apologies for the very poor photos (wrong camera settings and through dirty windows - and it was raining).

    A pair of baby sparrows with mum

    Greenfinch baby

    And another one of the baby Dunnock


    There is a baby robin around but I haven't managed a photo yet.

  • not the best picture quality, as it was taken from the nest box camera

    , but thought i'd share -here are our newly hatched blue tits

  • OMG Scathtiar, that's wonderful!

  • tiny little pink blobs-i'll see if i can upload a video.

  • ah done. again not brill picture quality-the photo i edited a little to bring out the colour-enjoy


  • That is a remarkable video. Thanks for sharing it. Mum looked a bit surprised when she arrived back at the nest!

  • So pleased. The second fledgling this year was a coal tit. They zipped past me at 5a.m. this morning as I was filling the ground feeders. The parent bird investigated the fat balls (too soggy after the rain yesterday) while the little one flapped wings and opened mouth. Very tiny and very cute.

    The feeders have been hit hard this morning which is dry so far - empty an hour earlier than usual.

  • They are so cute GeoDave and liked your story about the squirrel.

  • Wonderful video. Am green with envy as our nesting box was deserted by a blue-tit after she had laid two eggs.

  • Lovely new photos :) Birdwoman, your Blue Tit is an adult, by the way.

  • Thanks for putting me straight aiki. I was convinced it was a young one as it looked like a little ball of fluff.

  • Birdwoman

    Thanks for putting me straight aiki. I was convinced it was a young one as it looked like a little ball of fluff.

    It did look very fluffed up! The juveniles have different colours though - the blues are quite subdued, the eyestripe is dark but not black, and the yellow of the underside extends to the cheeks and forehead/supercilium. (These pics are from last year/the year before, not seen any fledged tits yet this year...)

  • LOL doggie. It looks a bit down in the mouth :)