Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012


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Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012

  • I had my first starling fledgling yesterday - and then this morning I had nine!

    Pictures posted here:


  • Oh Dear !!!

    It''s that time of year again, the Starlings have fledged,

    I had Starlings everywhere in the garden today, i spent ages watching them,

    they are so comical, i love um,!! But OOoooh they are noisey,

    Feed Me !!!!!!!

    Don't you dare !!!!

    Give it to me NOW !!!!

    OK  I'll get you some-more, just don't keep shouting

  • My first two baby starlings arrived this morning, and what big gobs they have!



    and here is an unusual shot of one. (It has it's mouth closed)



    My only other baby to date is a single lonely sparrow.

    First, a bit of food if only I could find mum ...


    Then a little rest ...


    I think I'll just have a nap ...


  • Perhaps the poor wee soul is cold and hungry!

  • We had two fledgling starlings in the garden this morning but there are a lot of parents collecting food so reckon we will be inundated soon. Lovely set of pictures.

  • Fabulous. They are so entertaining to watch.

  • Beautiful set of photos Linda. Love the wee sparrow.

  • Great shots Alan.

  • The red berries really show the fledgling off well. Lovely pics.

  • Parent starling looking overwhelmed at the demands of the youngster.