A visit to Eagle Heights in Kent


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A visit to Eagle Heights in Kent

  • Hi Folks

    Its been a lousy week weather wise so I asked Andrew and Steven where they wanted to visit before going back to school today and they both wanted to re-visit Eagle Heights in Eynsford, Kent (near Brands Hatch) as we had not been there for a couple of years. To be honest there is not a lot to see but if you like birds of prey and enjoy seeing them flown its worth every penny especially as they do a lot of work on breeding the birds especially those in danger. They also act as a rescue centre for Huskys and had over 20 there, along with Meercats, Cheetahs, a Camel and reptiles.

    Captive Kestrel

    Free Kestrel hovering nearby.





  • Awww, what beautiful animals! What is that in the last but one photo? I love all the reptiles and birds of prey are always so stunning. They have a lovely collection of birds and animals.

  • Hi Ella

    The last two shots are of the same bird and its a Martial Eagle from Africa, its incredibly powerful at one stage it really gripped on to the handlers arm and even through the glove you could see the pain it was inflicting.  

  • I would have enjoyed your day out, never mind your boys! Some super photos there. That Martial Eagle is a sight to behold! I have to say, though,  my favourite is the tortoise. (I have three of my own)

  • Hi Linda Thank you very much :o)