Oystercatcher chicks


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Oystercatcher chicks

  • First time I've seen Oystercatcher chicks.

  • Hope you can get a bit closer than I did , Alan. These were at Brockholes WTL nature reserve near Preston.

  • I'm not very good at estimating distances but if Google Earth measurements are accurate I was over 100 yards away , so you're in with a chance :- )

  • How lovely Galatas. I've never seen any either. You did well with thosepics at 100 yards or more.

  • Always great to see something for the first time isn't it?  Well done on the photos.

  • The chicks were undoubtably the highlight of the day for me. Nice to see plenty of Lapwings also with chicks although they were just a bit too far for photos. A few Redshanks had young as well. One lone Common Sandpiper and several Ringed Plover around. Gulls , Swifts and Swallows were plentiful but no Sand Martins seen. The artificial sandband that was so successful in its' first year collapsed in the winter rains and hasn't yet been rebuilt , so the Martins are further up the river Ribble.

  • Galatas
    so the Martins are further up the river Ribble.


    The colony on the Ribble near me is there again this year. We were watching them yesterday. Some of the nest holes are very low down the sand bank. I just hope the river levels don't rise too much.


    Lovely to hear about so many young at Brockholes. It is certainly growing.

  • Awwwww, so cute!! I've never seen baby Oystercatchers before. They're adorable. Great pics. :)