Every thunderstorm has a silver lining


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Every thunderstorm has a silver lining

  • Just had a quick walk over the fields after an almighty thunderstorm and found myself surrounded by hundreds of Swifts and Swallows.

    Also the hedgerows were alive with singing Blackbirds,Song Thrushes,Yellowhammers and Whitethroats.


  • Blimey Doggie !!

    Looks like the storm sent the insects up, look at all those birds

    always feels good after a storm don't you think

  • Yep it was great Sugar i just had to keep an eye on the big black cloud with thunder coming out of it that was behind me.lol.

  • Wow! What a wonderful sight and shot too!

    Had a few rumbles here this morning (woohoo!) but it was rather tame.....

  • Blimey again!! It was the same here Alan, thunder and lightening and the heaviest rain I'd seen for a long time. It must have been really magnificent then seeing and hearing all the birds afterwards on your walk, who needs the telly!

  • Not in my part of Shropshire


    just got back after a detor cant say I noticed much bird life although it is bright sun shine now and very humid.

  • doggie
    Yep it was great Sugar i just had to keep an eye on the big black cloud with thunder coming out of it that was behind me.lol.

    yes I'm sure cameras, monopods and tripods make effective lightning conductors(-:). Cracking shots though, but be careful out there.

  • Telly what's that lol.

    also had these two in the garden.

  • I dunno what a Telly is either.

    Wonderful photos Alan, the robin one would make a great card.

  • It's hot and sultry down here and fairly sunny. I suspect a storm may be brewing but no sign yet. Amazing sight of all those birds against the dark sky.

  • This is a good site for following storms! :-)

  • Thanks for that Marjus, i love a good thunderstorm.

    On that activity chart i reckon i'm under the 300

  • Here's another good one for seeing who's currently copping it. Missed us here , dry all day , but bad twenty miles further north.


  • It's lovely here now but changing minute to minute from sunshine to thunder and lightning and heavy rain.

  • We had it really bad, roads flooded, diversions, trains unable to run and schools being closed. Sunny now. At least I don't need to water te baskets tonight.

    House martins were loving it, darting around as soon as the rain died down about.