My Photos from Paradise Park bird of prey display


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My Photos from Paradise Park bird of prey display

  • I went to one of my favourite places again a couple of weeks ago, with my friend Sue. We really love Paradise Park in Hayle and whenever we're in Cornwall we always make a point of going there these days.  We managed to catch one of their excellent bird of prey flying displays this time, which we really enjoyed. Here's a few of the better pics I got. Couldn't get many of them flying, they were too quick for me!

    Lovely Harris Hawk

    What Owl is this, anyone? I've forgotten. All I know is that he's gorgeous! :)

    A stunning Golden Eagle!

    They didn't just fly birds of prey, here's a cute Kookaburra. They're so entertaining to watch!

    I wish I could remember what bird this is but I've forgotten the name! But they're pretty big birds and they don't really fly. Apparently they can fly (a bit) if they want to, but they mostly just run - very fast!!

    A beautiful Barn Owl

    and as much as I adored all the birds this beauty has to be my favourite! Isn't he absolutely stunning and majestic looking? I don't think I'd ever seen a Bald Eagle before, and so close up too! Wish I could have brought him home with me, lol! :)

  • Lovely photos! The large owl is an eagle owl, possibly a European eagle owl and the leggy thing is a seriema. Interesting to see the kookaburra! Never seen one of those being flown.

  • Great to be able to get so close to these incredible creatures , isn't it ?

  • Thanks for sharing these lovely photos Ella. I agree the large owl is an eagle owl, but not sure if its a European or a Bengalese.

    It must have been wonderful to see the kookaburra fly. I've only ever seen them in cages. They do look out of proportion somehow. The bald eagle is splendid, and well done on the flight shots.

  • Again, amazing to find out there is somewhere that fliers a Kookaburra!  Great photos of the others, love the Bald Eagle especially.  

  • Great pictures Ella which captures the true beauty of these wonderful birds.

    Here is something to remember it by...

    Please click on image.

    Hope you like it.


  • That's brilliant, Robert! Thanks for doing that. I'll have to print it out and frame it! Such a beautiful bird, isn't he? Archie is the name!

    The Kookaburras are amazing. Wonderful to see them flying and I agree, they look out of proportion, like their heads are too big for their bodies, lol. So cute. :)