bit of a poser this one


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
All creatures....

bit of a poser this one

  • Beautiful photo Pete,   I suddenly feel Christmas is approaching   lol

  • Must be one for this years Christmas card Pete,quite a smasher.

  • Many thanks everyone - might give the Christmas card idea a go lol trouble is I haven't a clue were to start - guess that I should stick to taking the pictures and leave the crafting to the experts - thanks again I'm off to Bonny Scotland for a few day's tomorrow taking the long lens not sure what time I am gonna have for taking pics though - will have my ipad with me so will be keeping an eye on whats happening on here - Cheers for now cya !!

  • Beautiful shot.  Just upload your photos to the Photobox website and get them transformed into cards!  Have a great time in Scotland.

  • thanks Christine will give Photobox a go !!

  • I've done calendars and all sorts via Photobox and the service is quick and quality good.  If you do have a go - if you prepare your cards (or whatever else you want) but don't get round to ordering them for a few days, they usually send you a discount offer!

  • Ok and thanks for the discount tip Christine

  • Hi Pete,  As Christine says, Photobox are good quality and I had two separate orders for calendars printed in October with fast delivery, well packaged;  their discounts can vary and keep changing but I found the cards were on the expensive side at the time as I needed around 50,  so I used my M.soft Publisher software to create and print my own.  There are many software products on the market to make your own cards (which are simple to use) and depending upon the kind of printer you have, the results can be very good.    Good luck.  

  • Here is a quick copy of a card front I created using Msoft publisher and my own photos of the Robin, it didn't take long to make and there are several blank templates that you can use giving various sizes of cards to choose from.     As I mentioned before, there are many reasonably priced software programs that can give you ready made templates to insert your own photos for creating greetings cards for all occasions.     Good luck Pete.

  • Cheers Hazy might try home made first we have a decent printer so no excuses - thank you for your help

  • You're most welcome, it can be great fun creating your own and using your own photos, nice and original !    

  • Wow if mine look half as good as yours I will be happy - well done this looks stunning

  • Well, thank you kind Sir !    I am sure you will do fine and it's rewarding to create your own cards;   happy Christmas in advance   LOL !

  • A perfect pose