A walk along the cliffs at Marsden


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A walk along the cliffs at Marsden

  • Had a walk along the cliffs at marsden,between sunderland and south shields to see the cormorant colony.It was quite blustery to say the least,but fine and sunny.  I think the little gulls are Kittywakes but feel free to correct me.

    feeding time

    stood up again

    Kittywakes ?

    not Kittywakes?


    jackdaw on the hunt

    views of the coast

    Spotted this strange bird flying in the vicinity, think it's a Tweety Bird :-)

    and two for the lighthouse lovers


    Hope you enjoyed


  • Thanks Bob,thought you'd recognise it, it looked great with the arch attached,had many a happy day swimming there as a kid (small child,not a small goat LOL)


  • Lovely photos Terry, looks like a lovely area to walk;   well done on spotting the very rare Tweety bird   LOL

  • Thanks Hazel,it's very popular with walkers,joggers and cyclists,also drinkers as there's a pub on the top of the cliff LOL and a scary staircase down to the beach!!


  • LOL,  sounds a bit precarious if you come out of the pub after a few bevvies in the dark    !

  • LOL  next time I'm down there I'll try to get a shot of it,  sober of course !!


  • Come to think of it  the pub was at the bottom and the lift entrance at the top (which looked like a pub front) still had the stairs tho'fine going down Hell climbing back up. As I said to Hazel,I'll try to get a couple of shots to stoke your nostalgia.

    ps.......didn't those woollen swim trunks itch !!!!


  • What a beautiful-looking place :) The gulls with the black collars and wing zigzags are young Kittiwakes (this year's babies), the two in between with the more standard gull colour scheme are adult Kittiwakes. There are also some Herring Gulls among the Cormorants.

  • And they used to get full of sand and sag :-)  and Minchella's ice cream kiosks are still there!!

    @Aiki thanks for the i.d's, If I'm not mistaken there is a colony of Kittywakes that always roost under the Tyne Bridge in newcastle,the only inland one I think


  • Great photos Terry done that walk many times and on to The Leas when the Short Eared Owls arrive. We are very lucky to have both sea and countryside within easy reach

  • Thanks Judi, we are rather priviledged here,and lots of wildlife reserves within easy reach, was down Low Barnes the other week,got my first GSW female and juvenile.


  • Looks like a lovely walk, Terry. The coastal scenery is beautiful. It's amazing how different the juvenile Kittiwakes look compared with the adults.

  • Hi Terry these are stunning photos, it looks a beautiful place :-)

  • Remember this spot from a cycling trip in my younger days when the arch was complete.Also have an old photo taken in the 1930's of my parents sat outside the pub there.Forgot about that until I read this thread.

  • Thanks  all for your kind comments,glad you liked them.