Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012


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Fledglings updated - new arrivals 8 May, 2012

  • Fledgling blackbird.  Not a brilliant shot as the birds were in our drive under the garden table and the light was not perfect. Nevertheless, I was pleased to capture this lovely new arrival. 

    Maybe others could add their first sightings? I for one would love to see them. 

  • That's a good reminder, this is something we do every year so we can all share in everyone else's babies.

    Well done on being the first this year, and it is a lovely photo.!

  • Like Doggie said I will put some up as soon as they fledge around here, currently a race between a starling in our eaves and a bluetit in the neighbours nest box

  • Dig out the ear plugs!  LOL

  • Thanks for your comments everyone. Can't wait to see some more added.

  • Got some better photos of the fledgling blackbirds this morning - there were two around.  Here they are.


  • Birdwoman Those two pictures are fabulous.

  • No pictures i'm afraid but here at the Lodge we have just had a mallard with 13 ducklings leave our pond, a moorhen is still tending to a single chick on the pond, plus a fledged robin was popping around the lawn! They have been very busy here this spring!

  • Thank you very much Tiger.

  • How wonderful to see. Our garden is thriving with activity and can't wait to see some more young arrivals.

  • Two young collared doves arrived in our garden today. 

  • Lovely pictures of your fledglings. No sign of anything in my garden yet although I'm pretty sure a Blackbird is nesting deep in a hedge so I'm hopeful it won't be too long.

  • Those are beautiful pics Birdwoman.

    Here are a couple of pics of a fledgling blackbird in my apple tree today. They were taken through (mucky) double glazed window so not brilliant

    ...with dad...




  • Here is a collared dove youngster being fed crop milk...

  • haven't got any pics of baby blackbirds yet- but first saw  fledglings about two weeks ago-look bigger than their parents! must have been those waxworms i'd been feeding them.

    to all above, really lovely pictures