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  • So excited about this.  Solitary TD seen and heard, purring away, not far from our home.  I have left a message on the Hotline and will add a photo when I've calmed down.  One of our favourite birds ever!

  • Ooh, lucky you Rosy. Charming birds which are sadly all too rare these days. Looking forward to the photos.

  • Brilliant Rosy!

    Looking forward to the pics.

  • Post edited with photo of beautiful little fella.

  • Fantastic Rosy - I've never seen one either - well spotted!

  • Hi Rosy

    Well done you, I have heard plenty at a nearby reserve but have yet to see one let alone get a photo.


  • That's brilliant - and thanks for reporting it to the Hotline!  :o)

  • Gorgeous! Have only ever seen them on the Continent!

  • Lovely bird and well done for getting a photo. I had a juvenile stay in my garden last year for a couple of weeks. That's the only one I've ever seen in Britain.

  • Thanks for nice comments, everyone.  It certainly made our weekend.  I think the people whose TV aerial he sat on must have been wondering why we were staring up at their roof...!!  We'll keep an eye out for any more.  

  • Update:  Seen again yesterday.  Probably the same bird, still hanging about on the TV aerials in the same place... hope the poor little chap finds a mate!

  • I wonder what the connection with aerials is.  I went to the one showing on an aerial on  the Glos / Oxfordshire border today.  It has been there about 4 days but I didnt see it, perhaps they had turned the TV off.

  • But what channel was it watching

    Edit: I have just worked it out, it must be Channel 2 (turtle doves)

  • Alan

    Just a quick entry to say that when I went back they must have turned the TV on.



  • Great shot, Bob!  Our local TD is still there too...  Wonder if they're watching the same programme?