What time are birds most active? or in the garden?


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What time are birds most active? or in the garden?

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I don't have a view to my feeder, so I would like to know the best hours to look at the bird feeder? Am I right in saying 10am and 3pm? There's also a nature reserve at the back of my house and I like to walk around it but not all day ha, so wondered if there was a good time to go down there to try photograph some birds.
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  • Oh cool. How do you I actually feed the birds htough in the nature reserver?

  • I have feeders in my garden and i find the best times are from 8am-11am then again in the afternoons around 2pm-4.30pm. Ive also noticed there is not much activity when its cold, below 5 degrees in general, esp if its wet as well. My advice would be go down as early as you can, set up and give yourself at least 2-3hours but you can wait for the perfect photo all day if you have the time though! :-)

  • Hello Edward, welcome to the community, I have birds coming from about 8- 11am, then between 2.30pm-4pm or there about.

  • Hi-

    many birds have a sort of feeding circuit- which covers a fairly wide area of space and time. Ringing has proved that the 3 Blue Tits that apparently  visit your garden are actually probably 12.  So birds circulate  in your area throughout the day outside the breeding season or on migration. Middle of the day is often a quiet time but if the weather is cold the birds will feed harder.

    Many birds feed at first light or even before- and after sunset -  I've seen Nuthatch and Robins by car headlights at feeders.