Invaded by Waxwings !!! :D


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Invaded by Waxwings !!! :D

  • Another newbie for me. I'm in Highlands of Scotland, 15 miles north of Inverness and was delighted to see 40-50 Waxwings sitting on my next door neighbours trees yesterday morning.  The sound was amazing. They returned again today at approx same time 9am. Absolutely stunning birds. I've also had a return of the little goldcrest in my garden. I love seeing newbies! Still fascinated with my new hobbie ! x Anyone else spotted the Waxwings yet?

  • Hi Birdie, long time......... Dark nights are now here so I will be spending more time visiting this site again :D.  There have also been sighting of Kingfishers in our little town at the canal and squirrels. Both new sightings locally. Enough to keep me totally hooked on the new hobby! Waxwings were an amazing sight in such mass  

  • They seem to have arrived in their thousands again this year, it could be a 'waxwing winter'! I haven't seen any yet this year but they are turning up all over!

  • What a great  sight that must have been Lynnie.  I saw a flock of about 15 two years ago, but as yet haven't seen any this year although I have a little camera I'm keeping with me wherever I go.

  • Here in N.Yorks we seem to be surrounded by Waxwings,have my O H and myself seen any ? naah not a one. We've seen plenty of good wintering thrushes but waxwing free so far.If it's a good a year as predicted we should have plenty of time yet (fingers crossed).

  • Oh I've been lucky here + had a flock through our wee village last week then the next morning on the nursery run was seronaded by one in the apple tree over our heads - what a wonderful sound they make + truely stunning to look at so smooth + elegant then the punky crest just says there's more to me!!

    Fab birds + having ducked 2 yrs ago how thrilled am I ;-))))

  • Hi osprey. Im thrilled to. Wee update - they have been in my garden most of this week. Amazing sight today at lunchtime watch them strip my holly tree, also inaded by long tailed tits this week. I took a few pics and will see how they come out . Had to rush back to work Bahh!! lol

  • Great news Lynnie, I have only seen 5 so far and a half dozen Redwing, isn't Winter wonderful LOL

  • Hi Lynnie

    We have them here in leeds already lets hope there's more to come. Enjoy them we dont get them every year.

  • Lovely,  hope they know their way down to Cheshire  LOL