Skoma, just for the Puffins


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Skoma, just for the Puffins

  • I've been to Bempton a few times and to South Stack once and on all occasions found I couldn't capture the Puffins on camera with the lenses I own. So when my partner decided we were going to Skoma, I hired an expensive 300-800 Sigma lens (worth £5600). Parked up at the NT car park and carried this huge lens and camera equipment down the hill to the first boat of the day. There were about 10 people already waiting in the queue. The numbers then grew and grew and I thought they are never going to get all these people on that small boat. We did get on the first boat and it definitely pays to be very early as the queue just kept growing and it’s a long wait for the second boat.

    However there is another moral to this story and it becomes very obvious after carrying a huge lens and heavy camera equipment up the steep climb from the landing point and across the island to view the puffins. Those of you who have been to Skoma will no doubt have been in stitches having read the first and second sentences above. To those that haven’t been yet, well when you do go don’t bother with the big lenses just take a compact camera. These beautiful little birds walk within feet of you to get to the burrows on the other side of the path.

    The trip is a must and I’m hoping to go again in July or next year perhaps.

    I did capture this classic shot of one with the huge lens.

  • Excellent shot and what a wonderful beakful of fish he has!

  • I've been there and done it. You are one dedicated photographer!  :-D

    I went on a surprisingly empty boat. Surprising that is until we were on our way and started being rolled around by a really (and I mean really) choppy sea. Faces on board came in the full range of green and I remember gripping the arm of the man next to me so hard he actually whimpered.

    But it was worth it. They are so endearing.

    I'd like to thank you on behalf of all of us for your determination in adversity and for sharing this brilliant picture.

    Eilid x 

  • Wow, fantastic capture.  Thank you for sharing :o)

    Skomer sounds like a great day out.  One that I really should make one day!

  • Excellent photo! I hope the Puffin appreciated what you went  through to haul the equipment up to where they were  - was the food for you after all your hard earned efforts ? :-)

  • Amasing shot there Thanks for putting it up.



  • Worth all the effort I think R.

    A wonderful, typical shot of a much loved little bird.

    Thanks again for posting

    Pipit x

  • Another brilliant shot, Richard.

    I am very embarrassed to admit I had to look Skoma up to see where it is. I now know, and will add it to my list.

  • Cheers All

    Here is the lens:

    And here is one on the Puffins taken by myself with the G10

  • OMG what a huge lens! I like a camera I can put in my bag!!

    You are very handsome, but I have to say that puffin is something else! I am saving it in my favourites. I have never seen a puffin - it is almost impossible to believe they are alive!!


  • It is a large lens isn't it:

     The lens wouldn't fit in my bag but the other camera equipment does including my Canon G10:


  • Hi Richard

    Fabulous pictures of your Puffins, and of yourself.

    Hello to you, and great to meet you in the flesh so to speak.

    Hey, I have the same camera as you have the Canon G10 Powershot

    Great to have a likeminded camera person here.

    I hope that you do not mind if I ask some questions about the G10


    Kathy and Dave


  • Hi Kathy

    Made a slight error uploading the lens image (same file name) hense the image of me is now missing thus your "Hello to you, and great to meet you in the flesh so to speak." now doesn't make sense. I correct the error later today - honest.


  • I love the quality of that first shot. You can see where £5600 would go and thanks for putting it out here for us to enjoy.

    One day, I will see a Puffin outside of a book or TV screen (yep, another one to cross of the 'must see' list).


  • I saw puffins for the first time on the Farne Islands. I couldn't get over how small they were. Adorable little birds and one of my favourites, if choosing a favourite is possible.