Avon Valley Path, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset


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Avon Valley Path, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Dorset

  • I explored a small section of the Avon Valley Path in Hampshire yesterday.  It is a 34 mile walking route through three counties and follows the course of the river Avon, though much of the path is well away from any water!

    The part that I explored took in scenery by the river, through farmland and by some lakes created from old gravel workings.

    The River Avon at Ibsley

    On my travels I saw butterflies including meadow browns, red admirals, a holly blue and lots of whites which wouldn't co-operate for photo shoots.

     Other insects included damselflies, banded demoiselles and a very handsome golden-ringed dragonfly.

    There were lots of birds about generally and near the river I saw reed warblers and a small warbler with very bright yellow underparts which was sitting on a willow branch which overhung the opposite bank. I couldn't identify as it soon flew away but  I enjoyed my brief glimpse of it .  I saw some mallard and heard a green woodpecker and then a grey heron came in to land and tried to get to know some canada geese.

    Near a farm there were several young pheasants, a flock of about 40 house sparrows and lots swallows dipping down over the fields.  A bird of prey flew over my head but I was squinting into the sun so I couldn't ID it.  I managed a distant photo of it in a tree so I will post it in the Identify this forum.

    It looks like the gravel pit lakes area is still being developed but it was a very pleasant walk with good views.  There were some lovely reflections in the lakes.

    In this area I saw mute swans, coots, moorhens, a grey heron and out on the islands there were flocks of black-headed gulls and lapwing.  I also saw a green woodpecker.  I have heard several this year but this was my first sighting.


    All in all a very pleasant day out and I hope you enjoy my report.


  • What a beautiful place and a fantastic day out. Really enjoyed your photos

  • Hi SB,

    Wow! What a lovely place to go walking and so much to see.Your photos are brilliant I like them all.I would love to see a Woodpecker and you are lucky enough to see a green one.Lovely report thanks for sharing your day.


  • Hi SB

    Looks like a wonderful walk, and a great set of pictures that allows us all to share your walk with you.



  • Thank you JudiM, littleowl and Robert for you kind comments. 

    I intend to explore more sections of the walk in due course.  Trouble is,  even a very short section takes me ages as I keep stopping all the time!


  • Hi SB

    What a lovely place to go for a walkabout.  Lots going on, and a great scenic place to relax and forget about other things going on in your life.

     Really enjoyed sharing your day out.

    Your Mr Yaffle Green Woodie is showing well in your picture {big smile}


    Kathy and Dave


  • Thanks Kathy, glad you liked my woody. 


  • Hi Lori

    Great images - the route added to my to do list for the next time I'm down that way.



  • Wow! Fabulous set of photos there SB!! Love the green woodpecker too! Never seen a juvenile one! Looks like a juv heron too! Superb!

  • Hi SB,

    I really enjoyed sharing your walk, so thank you. The heron getting up close and personal with the geese is a great capture, but I like the lake and reflections - so calm and peaceful, and the dragonflies etc. I so rarely see any. Beautiful photos, as usual.

  • What wonderful pics, really must get myself a decent camera.....

    Oh, forgot to say earlier - congrats on being a 'good egg'!

    Regards, Jo.