Saltwells Nature Reserve, Dudley


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Saltwells Nature Reserve, Dudley

  • Throught I'd introduce you to my local patch. The reserve is made up of mixed woodland, grassland, scrub and some marshland. It also contains a canal and reservoir, (which is also the local sailing club), but it doesn't stop the birds. Apart from approx. 60 species of birds, (BTO). It is also mentioned in the Field guide to Dragonflies and Damselflies of Great britain and Ireland, as 18 species have been found there and is also know for one of the finest bluebell wounds in the country.


    Got out before the rain this morning and found 27 species of bird, including comerant, tuffed duck,goldcrest, nutchatch and redwing amongst all the usual suspects and also the following:

    and finally got a pic of this little fellow while waiting for a wren to come out of hiding.

    and then there was this little poser

    They also employ natural ways of mowing the grass

    all in all you can easily spend a good couple of hours in the wood alone and quite a few hours if covering the rest. Followed by a pint in the onsite pub.

  • Now we know where your forum name comes from.

    I had a look on Google Maps to see where it was and it came up with an Asda car park. LOL I found it though on the other side of the A4036.

    Sounds really nice. Some of these small reserves on the edge of built up areas can be really good. My local patch is somewhat similar.

    Excellent photos. What is the breed of the horse/pony.

  • Beautiful clear photos, the robin is gorgeous! I wonder if the pony is an Exmoor, they do have whitish muzzles like this one.

  • Yes they are exmoors and where brought in for natural land management a few years ago and Saltwells used quite a lot for my nickname for birding things. Makes it easier to remember what my user name is. They also brought in Muuray Grey Cattle but not sure if still have them, as I haven't come across them yet. Think they may be at the north end, which I don't get too that often.

    Merry Hill is the local landmark for it. In fact Merry Hill is over run with wild rabbits, from when it was farmland. Luckily the birds found a haven in the reserve.

  • Finally got a blog sorted for the reserve, if it works at

    Taken most of the day, so it had better work and not even put todays sighting on yet.

  • I always seem to be chasing long tailed tits for a photo. today - got him.

  • Good day today with 5 chiffchaffs back on the patch. Male greenfinhes and chaffinches singing well. Nuthatches and long-tailed tits nesting and butterfly's.

  • Hi Saltwells, only just seen this post.

    I know Saltwells NR very well.It's not very far from me, and I used to live nearer at one time.It was a favourite haunt when I had dogs.Don't visit that often now, although I did pop over the other week and the highlight for me was five jays together.I also saw a male and female bullfinch, treecreeper and lots of LTT's.

    I don't know if you've noticed, but there are no rabbits around the Waterfront any more.I go through regularly and there were always loads about, but not anymore....something has obviously happened to them.....and I suspect something not very nice.

  • Hi, I live quite near to Merry Hill but have never seen the rabiits.  Where are they?

  • Oh, I loved those rabbit being there, but don't get to the waterfront that often. Friend works in offices there, I know they are shot regular, but just been told by mom, that they have all now been killed, but not sure how.

    Probably some in saltwells, although not seen. Found a fox den, and few other unidentified holes, so may be some more will turn up.

    Mad as Mog, they used to around the islands in the middle of the roads. Always throught it was a funny place for bunnies and the traffic never bothered them.

  • Hi Mog.

    The rabbits, and there were lots of them, were all through the waterfront, from the end near the fire station all the way through following the old monorail.As I said, I drive regularly round there and they were always couldn't miss them.But something has definately happened to them.......not seen even one in a long while now.

    I could see that they were becoming a bit of a nuisance, so perhaps the local council has gotten involved and acted.