RSPB Love Nature Calendar 2013 Photo Competition


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

RSPB Love Nature Calendar 2013 Photo Competition

  • Taken a good wildlife picture recently, think it would look good in a Calendar? How about entering your snaps into the RSPB Love Nature Calendar 2013?

    You can find out all you need to know on our website linked below.

    We look forward to seeing your pictures and good luck!

    Best wishes

  • If anyone wants to see what has been submitted so far then have a look here

    Some great pictures in there already, picking the winning submissions is going to be tricky, there is still time to add your entries so get snapping!

  • Can you please advise if there is a limit on the number of photographs that can be entered? I've read the rules but cannot see anything on this topic (unless I missed it). Thank you.

  • Hi Birdwoman, there is no limit to the number of pictures you can submit, the more the merrier! Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing your contributions!

  • Thank you IanH. That is good news as I have several pictures I would like to contribute.

  • Oww! Got one or two to enter for this, this year! ;o)


  • How do you entre? ive got a couple of nice photos and i want to share them :)

  • Hi there, please follow the link in the starter post as it explains how to enter your pictures!

  • Thank you soo much i have aded some pics. Is there a limit of photos that you can up on?

    Thank you soo much


  • Just like the 90's pop track - theres no limit!

  • Hi, i have uploaded a few photos today for thr 2013 calender comp., i am new to this uploading lark and am not sure if i managed to do this correctly! i may have even sent them twice,

      Could anybody check they were sent correctly???

  • Hi flutterby, There is one of yours on there, adult red deer ,fantastic photo

    Regards mick

  • Do photos have to be taken in the UK as I have just returned from India with some great bird photos?

  • Hi Steve, ideally we would love nature from the UK but if you have got some great shots from around the world that show nature at its best then we would be happy for you to submit them!

  • I go to the competition page and I find no upload button, very confusing! can a mod please advise me.



    solved it, one has to open a new post .