Calendar Competition


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Calendar Competition

  • Hi everyone!

    If you haven't already heard we are once again running a calendar competition for our 2015 calendar, it's a great opportunity for those who love to photograph wildlife to get a shot featured so why not have a look at the link and get entering! -

    Kind Regards,


  • The images were all so good last year that I just couldn't compete! Lol!

  • Don't say that! Always worth a go!

  • C'mon Rockwolf, even I am thinking about having a go....

  • Well I suppose there's nothing to lose by just entering! ;-)

    Tried the Countryfile one years ago, but it's a pain printing and posting photos nowadays! At least it's easy to e-mail images for this one.

  • That's more like it ;) and yes, the simplicity of emailing the image is alot easier.