Springwatch at Ynys-hir - what's your favourite webcam?


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Springwatch at Ynys-hir - what's your favourite webcam?

  • If you have not caught up with the show so far then you are missing out on some real treats this year. have a look at the webcams on the Springwatch site here to see some great insights into the hidden worlds around RSPB Ynys-hir. What's your favourite, you can vote via the poll below and please tell why!


    What is your favourite Springwatch at RSPB Ynys-hir webcam?

    • Chaffinch nest (0%)
    • Bat roost (4.3%)
    • Marsh cam (0%)
    • Nuthatch nest (39.1%)
    • Blue tits nest (4.3%)
    • Snake cam (8.7%)
    • Barn owl nest (17.4%)
    • Stump cam (8.7%)
    • Feeder cam (0%)
    • Swan cam (0%)
    • Wood warbler (0%)
    • Common sandpiper (17.4%)
    • Total Votes: 23
    • Voting Ended: 6 Jun 2012
  • Wow, I think I have to add the common sandpiper and wood warbler webcams now!!!

  • It has to be the Barn Owls for me. They are so cute.

  • Likewise from me.

  • Stump for me as wonderful to see interaction between mice and voles!

  • Too early for me to decide yet. It would probably have been the Kingfisher one but of course that's not at Ynis-hir. Fantastic insight into the hidden world of those little birds.

  • Its too early for me to decide, too, but up to now its the nuthatches..

  • Sparrow
    Its too early for me to decide, too, but up to now its the nuthatches..

    I'm rooting for "Runty".

  • Oh TJ - bad news on that front I'm afraid. According to the newsfeed he didn't make it through last night. Very sad indeed because he was a little fighter.

  • Oh dear, poor little Runty. Hadn't heard that - no doubt we shall hear all about it on tonight's programme.

  • Voted for the Sandpiper cam!

  • Love them all, but it has to be the Nuthatch for me, seeing poor little runtys valiant but failed effort to survive

  • Deffo Nuthatch cam,magic. We were there yesterday, as part of our 4days bird watching holiday.

  • I have voted for the Barn Owls they are a particular favourite of mine, but also love the bluetits and nuthatches and also the batcam, really interesting!!

  • Ive voted for the sandpiper just for its continued jumping off the nest when the train comes though the kingfisher footage was out of this world and something we are very priveledged to see dont you think?