Peregrine Cam in Australia


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Peregrine Cam in Australia

  • Thanks for sharing the news about Snow - we're both very pleased!



    I'm really surprised to see a perry still occupying the nest, you wouldn't see our EJ doing that after her children had flown.

    Big, big panic, I blew up my big recording laptop and it stayed dead for ages, but then, phew, inspired (after a new fuse did no good), I took out the power supply and battery, let it rest, reconnected all and it came back to life.  Phew.  Although... I've been looking for an excuse to replace it because it's too noisy these days.  I mean nights ;-)

  • Stop struggling & replace it Scylla - life's too short to struggle with unnecessary problems - glad it's your money I'm spending rofl !!!!!

  • Now that it's not desperate I'll hope to find a bargain before EJ comes home ;-)

    Peregrines change over on the nest!

    Stills for your collection :-)




    I wasn't able to load the nestcam in time to catch the pottering :-(  It's there now but only showing a tailtip.


  • Two on the nest now!

  • They're 11 hours ahead of us, says me to fix it in my mind ;-)


    I wonder who they are?

  • A corner each:

  • Maybe the other Cilla will tell us!! :-)

  • Only one now at 3.28 tomorrow morning - snoring merrily away.............

    with nothing new on blog!!


  • WendyBartter
    Only one now at 3.28 tomorrow morning

    I like it! ;-D

    Just left the sea-eagles to check on perries and there are TWO on the nest, now one has gone to ledge, am frantically swapping views and resizing video frame - frantically therefore clumsily :-(

  • Little clip of 2 perries:

  • Both perries leave, but the pic breaks up at the end :-(

  • Lifted head to investigate something:


    Then went back to sleep:

  • Have trouble keeping up with this site sometimes - it's night again, so whoever settles down for sleep!!.........

    See from their current blog still having probs with malware & blocking of site but no more postings re Snow!