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Whilst we are worried about Hen harriers disappearing this has crept in the back door, the Govt are about to fund the removal of buzzards from shooting estates.  At the moment I am to annoyed to comment.

See this link to Martin Harper's blog.

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  • Yup just read it outragous...

  • www.bbc.co.uk/.../science-environment-18183204

  • Well Bob, this is a RSPB Forum, perhaps if enough of us write our objections about this we might just get the RSPB to take note or have they already

    So I append my name as an OBJECTOR to the culling of Buzzards

    John Cooper, Suffolk

  • DEFRA - Department for the Elimination and Finishing off of Resident Animals

    And whats worse they are not basing their ideas on opinion polls rather than actual evidence...perhaps they should gather some actual evidence and look at other preventative meadsures (such as better penning before release if the issue is around the pens and investigate release/dispersal methods) before even considering targetting the buzzards or any other predator for that matter!

  • Many thanks to Bob for highlighting Martin's blog and for all your comments thus far. If like us you are angered by DEFRA's proposal to reduce buzzard predation by shooting out buzzard nests and permanently imprisoning adults, we would strongly suggest that you write to your MP and ask them to pass on your concerns to Mr Benyon.  

    As Martin has suggested in his blog, if you do write to your MP, you may like to highlight;

    - Predation by buzzards is a relatively small cause of loss of pheasants

    - Buzzards are a native and recovering species, while pheasants are a non-native gamebird

    - The good that £400,000 could do for species of highest conservation concern, such as the hen harrier.


  • I also saw this on the news this morning, what is DEFRA coming to?

  • I'm sure QUANGOs such as DEFRA issue statements like this to guage a reaction from Joe Public, well let us make our voices heard, anyone know how to start aPoll on the DROWNING Street website, where if 100000 signatures were obtained the subject would have to be raised in Parliament

  • Yes I''d sign it! Not sure how to start it though!

    It's sickening and maddening, not to mention an ignorant approach from DEFRA! Of course, unsurprisingly, the Countryside Alliance are all for it! What a misleading name!

  • I've written to my MP. Before doing anything, I recommend reading the report that DEFRA referred to. It's not great, and from what I can make out, even though the shooting industry sent out 5500 questionnaires to its own members, considerably less than a fifth even bothered to respond. There are some significant gaps on their maps as well, and reading some of the data, it appears to consist primarily of perceptions and guesswork. I was also interested to read that golden orioles seem to be doing particularly well on shooting estates......

  • I think they should consider culling pheasent shooters.  what practical value has it now a days? Better to shoot clay pigeons.....

  • I've been mentally composing my MP's letter over lunch. It's going to be a belter......

  • John B (not the sloop)
    I've been mentally composing my MP's letter over lunch. It's going to be a belter......

    Do hope you'll share! :-)

  • So that some hooray henry can claim one or two more birds he has Heroically killed over the weekend defra are planing a cull of a wonderful native British BOP in favour of of a non native species, which is bred to be shot, it beggars belief.

    I am now going to write to my MP.

  • letter to my MP sent!!!!

  • I despair. These people who decide the fate of our native birds, are either naive, or totally stupid. Now gonna compose a letter to my M P, trying not to use to strong a language. Might have to wait till I cool down a bit.