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Whilst we are worried about Hen harriers disappearing this has crept in the back door, the Govt are about to fund the removal of buzzards from shooting estates.  At the moment I am to annoyed to comment.

See this link to Martin Harper's blog.

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  • I'm writing my letter at the mo, trying to keep it polite, but may not work.

    Totally disgusted.

  • Seems they have backtracked somewhat and will only destroy empty nests now.........that's big of them

  • Have a read of Defra's invitation to tender for the Buzzard job https://raptorpersecutionscotland.files.wordpress.com/2012/05/buzzard-control-experiment-overview.pdf  Don't be shy, it's a public document.

    Consider the "Background" paragraphs 1 and 2.

    Basically it says - We don't have any hard evidence of the extent of Buzzard predation on Pheasant poults, but three quarters of the membership of a body that may not entirely be without bias thinks that Buzzards can be harmful to game birds. Also Natural England have received ONE application for a licence to control Buzzards by otherwise illegal means for which the applicant thinks that 20-30% of his Pheasant poults have been nobbled by Buzzards.

    On that basis Defra would like to blow £375k of your money on a research project.

    I don't know about you but, to me, three words spring to mind - National, Audit, and Office......

    Something to think about for your MP's letters anyway.

  • Another petition on this issue has been gathering support see the link here to the Change website.

    Have you heard back from your MP's yet? What was the response?

  • IanH
    Have you heard back from your MP's yet? What was the response?

    Absolute zilch !!!


    Have you heard back from your MP's yet? What was the response?


    Probably a bit early but have not yet had an acknowledgement of my email.  Don't always like the answers I get but it is unusual not to get something to acknowledge receipt.  Probably waiting to get Govt guidance on responses

  • Let's hope the lack of response is related to the massive outcry this proposed project is causing, they may have a full mailbox given the amount of enquiries we are still getting here in the wildlife enquiries team, this has caused a great deal of concern and anger and rightly so.

    Further news and links to some interesting blogs and articles from Martin Harpers latest blog


    The RSPB is pleased that an outpouring of public concern for a much-loved bird has encouraged Richard Benyon - the Wildlife Minister - to drop proposals to licence the destruction of buzzard nests and to bring adult buzzards into captivity around shooting estates.

    Martin Harper is the RSPB’s conservation director. He said: “We’re pleased the minister has listened to people’s concerns and acted in the public interest by cancelling this project. This is a strong decision, reflecting the strength of the nation’s desire to see Government protecting precious wildlife.

    “The recovery of the buzzard is being celebrated by the public after many decades of persecution. It is clear they don’t want their taxes being spent on removing buzzards and the Government has to ensure that no bird of prey will be killed in the name of sport.

    “We don’t want anything to distract Defra from the pressing task of saving our threatened wildlife. It should be putting its limited resources into areas such as preventing the extinction of hen harriers in England.

    “Government-backed research has already concluded that illegal persecution is limiting the populations of golden eagle and hen harrier. The RSPB believes there are well-tried non-lethal solutions to reducing impacts of buzzards at pheasant pens.”

    Thank you all so much for your support!


  • WOOHOOOOOOO!!! Fantastic news!!!

  • Well done to all concerned!


  • Result!! My MP hasn't even responded to my first letter yet. I was saving the good stuff for my follow-up letter.....

    But let's not get complacent.

  • John B (not the sloop)
    But let's not get complacent

    John, Totally agree and round 1 has been won.  The Minister has said " I will collaborate with all the organisations that have an interest in this issue and will bring forward new proposals.”  I just hope that is a proper consultation and round 2 is not needed.   On the news the CLA were moaning about the excessive use of Twitter etc to bombard the Govt.  Social Media is how modern day democracy will work in the future and politicians know that. 

  • Typical nonsense spouted by the Countryside Alliance


    I also find the name somewhat disturbing. It should really be called the Hunting Alliance but they need to be seen as an organisation with the environment at their core of beliefs instead of a few people who like to kills things for pleasure.

  • Yes, I agree. Why should BOPs be peresecuted for being successful

  • Good news that DEFRA has done a U-Turn, not going ahead with the trial.

    Cheers Richard