Vote 'Yes' for the Northern Ireland Marine Bill


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Vote 'Yes' for the Northern Ireland Marine Bill

  • NIMTF are campaigning to have pilot projects for Marine Protected Areas and marine spatial planning put in place in parallel with the development of the Northern Ireland Marine Bill as Northern Ireland is currently 3 years behind the UK mainland. There is much work to do to inform the development of the Marine Bill in Northern Ireland and these pilots are needed for this process. Scotland currently has four marine spatial planning pilots to inform the Scottish Marine Bill process and there are 4 regional projects to set up a network of Marine Conservation Zones (the name for Marine Protected Areas under the Marine Act) in England and Wales. These MCZ projects will be in place by the 2012 target date for a network of Marine Protected Areas.

    Please go to and vote 'Yes' for the Marine Bill - to protect our natural environment and please share this with your friends.

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  • 83% no??????????? What is the matter with people? We need to reverse this trend!

  • I've voted can't understand the negativity

  • the highlighting of badly worded clauses in the draft NI Marine Bill by BASC and CAI is the reason for the recent change in the results of the web poll. Moreover, that change in the web poll results has prompted Tom's posting of this topic, which has also been made a sticky on this website to help attract your votes of support. Make an informed choice. Do you want a Marine Bill that is supported by conservationists or protectionsists? I hope its the former. As conservationists we all want the same thing - improved benefits for marine life and biodiversity in Northern Ireland.

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