Arrrgghh - active nest destroyed


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Arrrgghh - active nest destroyed

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I have just heard that a tree next to my place of work has been felled, complete with its Collard Dove nest.

The very young chick is apparently cowering in the undergrowth, the parents flying around above.

I don't suppose there is much we can do to help.


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  • That's bad, Trugga. Who was responsible? Do they know they have broken the law?

    I imagine the parents will continue to care for the chick, but of course he is now vulnerable if there are cats about. What you shouldn't do is move him.

  • I have passed a print of this onto those involved: (including management)

    I don't expect any further action to take place, as the location of the nest was only really known to a few of us - the guy with the saw and perhaps management were not to have known.

    There is a "factory cat", but I've not seen him for a week or two.

    We can only hope.




  • Trugga, There are 2 elements of this legislation that could work against any action.  The first is there is a requirement for the act to be intentional and as you have said only a few people knew it was there and their defence of not knowing is clear. The second is a more general defence of it being part of the course of a lawful operation, so if the tree was dangerous and had to be felled they would have a defence.   The second is a bit more subjective but in this case any action would fail at the first hurdle.

  • I popped out at lunch time...

    The nest has been recovered and placed on a wall, the chick placed in the nest - the parents are still feeding it

    The tree (rhodedendrum) was cut down yeaterday afternoon, so the chick has survived one night at least.

    The Collared Dove has RSPB "Green Status" so I don't expect any action to be taken.

    We'll leave it be for now and have another look tomorrow.


  • Oh I do hope all goes well for the chick. It looks very vulnerable where it is.

    Green status, or any status, it matters not. It is still against the law with certain provisos as mentioned above by Bob.

  • Our little dove is still alive, and looks quite alert.

    Taken at 11:15 this morning - it's survived two nights now.

    He/she has moved from the nest back into the undergrowth. Mum and dad are feeding it.


  • As long as the parents continue to feed it, and cats stay away, it's looking hopeful. Great news!

  • Really rooting for the little fella. Please keep us posted.


  • I think this might end up being a tale of sadness :-(

    Did not locate the little fella in the morning, lunchtime or this evening when I left.

    There was a right hoohar at lunchtime though - a couple of magpies raided a blackbirds nest - she was really giving it some vocal. There was also an agitated blue tit in the midst.

    One of the doves can still be seen in the trees near where the nest was. I'll have another look on Monday, but I'm not going to raise my hopes up over the weekend.

    Sorry to be the bearer of possibly bad news.