Winterwatch 2014


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Winterwatch 2014

  • Don't forget Winterwatch 2014 is being broadcast from Monday-Thursday next week starting this coming Monday evening at 8.30pm and it's coming live from the Scottish National Trust property Mar Lodge Estate in Aberdeenshire and one bird they hope to show is the Golden Eagle. There will also be dawn to dusk live coverage by webcam on the Internet and also via the red button on the TV. Im certainly looking forward to this programe. 

  • Thanks for the reminder.

  • According to the Radio Times Winterwatch is hoping to show the Golden Eagle Live this coming week at the Mar Lodge Estate on BBC 2.

  • Yes, thanks Ian,  got it on record so I don't miss it.  

  • Looking forward to it!

  • Ben, Tom and I will be around this week whilst Winterwatch is on... I'm in the hot seat tonight, so see you all later!

  • If your doing a poll this evening on the best parts of today's Winterwatch Mrs T, include the Black Grouse at their Lek. I'm just watching live pictures of this via the interactive red button and the pictures of this are fantastic and amazing.

  • Ah, you know me so well. Will be doing a poll and will definately include the Black Grouse lek. We've been watching it too!

  • Just watching Winterwatch via the red button, and there's a Golden Eagle at the top of the nearest tree on screen. Unbelievable pictures and the wing span when they are open.

  • Yep, we've just been watching Ian, brilliant stuff!

  • Yes, I've been very lucky as I visited many years ago the RSPB viewing area for seeing the one pair of Golden Eagles I'n England in the Lake District in Cumbria through a telescope and the view then was amazing. Unfortunately there's just been a single Golden Eagle there for quite a few years now and it keeps hoping to attract another mate.