Springwatch 2012


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Springwatch 2012

  • really enjoyed it too

  • Great programme again. I loved the film of the brown hares, and to see the leverets suckling was amazing, - had to smile at the cheeky little rabbit.

    I don't generally enjoy Unsprung so much (too much manic chat!) but to see the raven was a treat, what a clever bird!

  • Fabulous filming once again.  I am really enjoying Springwatch this year.  Roll on Monday.

  • Really enjoying Springwatch, sad about runty though, I was really hoping he would make it, pleased the other nuthatches doing well. Also really really sad about Kingfisher chicks, that awful rain back in April made a lot of difficulty for adult birds looking for food.

    The fox story is lovely enjoying following that up, and love the barn owls they are beautiful :)

    Unsprung was good tonight I always enjoy that part too, not on again till Monday now, look forward to that!!

  • Yes a brilliant series so far!! Can't get over that Sandpiper near the railway track jumping up every hour!!

    Do think it's a shame that there are only 2 unsprungs this series though! Really enjoy the banter and fun.....!

  • I think the camera work is even better than before,I just love the macro stuff,amazing.

  • yeah just a few minutes in on the first show he introduced Charlie as 'A  lad insane' on kingfishers  :) spotted yours also, wonder who he'll drop in this week.

  • yeah,  he introduced Charlie a few minutes in on the first show as 'A lad insane' about kingfishers

  • oops  this was meant as reply to a post much earlier on can't delete sorry

  • Excellent shots of the young Nuthatches out of the nest last night, how strange that they immediately split up when they leave the nest, and how difficult for their parents to find them! I was getting excited about the Blackcaps' nest, only to have the Weasel put in an appearance! Yes, I know it's got to eat too, and probably has its own nest with babes that need feeding. Quite a rare sight too these days. Hope the Blackcaps can try again.

  • And yet, I get the feeling that this years programme isn't running as smoothly as it usually does. There have been numerous continuity errors. Both mechanical  and human. They frequently forget what is coming up next. Maybe it's just me. But I have been quite disappointed with this years effort.

    Perhaps the midges are getting to them.

  • Hope everyone is ready for tonight's episode, I am looking forward to seeing the continuing Peregrine story! I will be watching and on this board during and after the show, any questions that need answering or just general chat feel free to send me a message! Cheers! Ben

  • Well. I must concede. In spite of my earlier comment. Tonight's programme was brilliant. I loved the Peregrines and the Goldcrests. I did actually doze off half way through. But that was through general tiredness, not boredom. I might have a re-run through Iplayer later.

  • Glad you liked it Goldfynche, i think the Peregrine story is very interesting behaviour with the 3 adults! The cat story is also quite interesting, hope they touch on it more.

  • Oops! I must definitely watch it on iplayer. I don't recall any cats.