Springwatch 2012


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Springwatch 2012

  • And yet, I get the feeling that this years programme isn't running as smoothly as it usually does. There have been numerous continuity errors. Both mechanical  and human. They frequently forget what is coming up next. Maybe it's just me. But I have been quite disappointed with this years effort.

    Perhaps the midges are getting to them.

  • Hope everyone is ready for tonight's episode, I am looking forward to seeing the continuing Peregrine story! I will be watching and on this board during and after the show, any questions that need answering or just general chat feel free to send me a message! Cheers! Ben

  • Well. I must concede. In spite of my earlier comment. Tonight's programme was brilliant. I loved the Peregrines and the Goldcrests. I did actually doze off half way through. But that was through general tiredness, not boredom. I might have a re-run through Iplayer later.

  • Glad you liked it Goldfynche, i think the Peregrine story is very interesting behaviour with the 3 adults! The cat story is also quite interesting, hope they touch on it more.

  • Oops! I must definitely watch it on iplayer. I don't recall any cats.

  • Having just returned from that part of the world I can say with conviction that the weather has been hideous and further rain and cold temp's are not going to be helping things. On the bright side, Monday was lush though so hopefully that gave plenty of opportunity to feed up.

    I can confirm that the midges are as awful as they look on the show!

  • Brilliant so far...mink, what have they been up to?

    Great to see the blue tits fledging and the goldcrest footage was insightful. Peregrines to come, can't wait.

    Treecreepers going down trees...not that I know of, thats something only nuthatches do, treecreepers usually fly to the base and work their way up!

  • Alan, great footage of a seldom seen behaviour with the treecreepers, never seen that before.

    Really interesting to see the peregrine ringing, great chance for the residents of Bath to learn about these awesome raptors...amazing that those bundles of white fuzz turn into the worlds fastest predator!

    Incest in the nest, let's hope this doesn't have a down side...more tune dropping from CP there!

  • Great show again, good mix of species, behaviours and features, really liking the teams presenting style this year, what were your highlights this evening?

  • Those treecreeper fledglings were amazing, but I'm sure it's been shown on SW before!

    Do love that mammal stump! So funny seeing the interaction between species!

    Was great to see some info on the rabbits too! Never knew the males squirted the females with their urine! Lovely! Lol! Found the footage with subordinate female and kits incredible too!

  • I'm here on the forum again, any questions, thoughts, chit chat etc feel free to get involved! I will be active all through the show and Unsprung too! Lets get chatting about what we're watching! Springwatch here we come!

  • Let's see how the weather has affected our friends at Ynys-Hir. Amazing views from the reserve.

  • Ooohh....Redstart! Knee rubbing stuff!

  • Excellent! sedge warbler nest to add to the list of favourites!

  • Great new nest Tom! Imagine finding a baby Peregrine on a cricket pitch!