Springwatch 2012


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Springwatch 2012

  • Yeah last show tonight, it's flown by! We're planning on doing a Springwatch highlights poll so if you have any outstanding memories from this years series that you think we should include let us know this afternoon.

    I know what my favourite moments were but i'll keep them under my hat for now!

  • Yeah!! The sandpipers have a baby!

  • Get in! What a great ending to the series!

  • They have two!!! Superb!!!

    Edit!! Make that 3!! Even better! :-)

  • I've been watching the Sandpipers on the Springwatch webcams.  3 of the eggs have hatched.  The parents are sitting on the nest still but the babies havent been fed yet.  How long is it before they start to feed?



  • Just a recap on what was put on the other thread, the sandpiper chicks are precocial and nidifugous (hatching out well developed and ready to leave the nest soon after) and are self feeding. Expect the parents to brood them in bad weather but when the time is right the whole family will move away  to forage on the abundant insects and other invertebrates.

    Good luck to the 'railway children'!

  • Latest blog from Russell at Ynys-hir here!

  • Oh no...i'm shocked at the goldcrest behaviour, 10 days with it's eyes still closed and no feathers is very odd though.

    Sea eagles...awesome!

  • A great final show after a great series! Well done to the team and the reserve as well, battled through some tough conditions. Interesting to see some of the great pictures and footage sent in by viewers, especially the stoats!

    Don't forget to vote for your Springwatch highlight here