Springwatch 2012


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Wildlife on the box

Springwatch 2012

  • Great pictures from Ynys-Hir after the storm, although its raining again :S

  • I am so pleased they saved the osprey chick. That was one occasion human intervention was the right thing to do in my humble opinion.

  • Looks like most of the wildlife at Ynys-hir coped surprisingly well, great shots of the redstarts but heart breaking about the lapwings and redstarts though, they were so close.

    Lets hope the intervention at Dyfi osprey project pays off for them.

  • Brilliant to see so many of the birds survived the bad weather especially the Goldcrests

  • Another great show, badgers and basking sharks to look forward to tomorrow!

    Knowing how windy it was down that way I am stunned the goldcrest nest is still in place!

    What's your highlight so far now that we're into the final week?

  • After all the bad news we've had on here about Blue Tits dying in the boxes watching those fledge was my highlight..

    Can you pass on our thanks to those down on the reserve

  • The highlite for me is the Ospreys.

    I popped into the project the Saturday before Springwatch went to air.

    The staff were most enthusiastic and had plenty of time for each visitor.


  • Excellent pic Trugga, don't forget to catch up with the nest cams...quite addictive.



  • I am very impressed with the camera work this time even better than previous and the macro shots really impressed me.The way the weekend disaster was handled was very good,none of the usual over hyping it up,well done to all involved.

  • The barn owls are looking great! Pied flycatchers are looking grown... fledging any day soon?

  • Don't forget to sign the marine petition to help out those basking sharks!

  • Another great show perticularly like the peregrine that didn't learn it's lesson so gannets tommorow, and if you are on the webcams tonight you may see the barn owls fledge!

  • I liked the film about Dungeness, very atmospheric, and the marsh harriers were stunning!

  • Agree with you Rach, Marsh Harriers are one of my favourite birds! Don't forget to tune in tonight, its the penultimate show!

  • Lots of Otter and Kingfisher action tonight!