Springwatch Poll - Your favorite moments!


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Springwatch Poll - Your favorite moments!

  • Here's your chance to choose the best moment from this years Springwatch!

    What is your favourite moment of Springwatch?

    • The Water Rail nest (41.7%)
    • Diving Gannets (0%)
    • Richard Taylor Jones' films at Orford & Lundy (8.3%)
    • Nest predation from the Weasel & Grass Snake (0%)
    • Micro World (8.3%)
    • Red Kites up close in our towns (8.3%)
    • Urban Gulls (8.3%)
    • Wild Boar film (8.3%)
    • The Jackdaw nest (16.7%)
    • Springwatch in the afternoon (0%)
    • Total Votes: 12
  • Water rails for me, stars of the series in my eyes!

  • Sorry, but I absolutely cannot vote just for one. The railings were indeed fantastic, but I so enjoyed the Microworld and also Richard Taylor-Jones' films are simply stunning! Am enjoying the afternoon shows too although got lots to watch yet as all recorded! Lol!

  • I thought this was arguably the best Springwatch ever. The whole team performed exceptionally well and the camera work was as superb as we have come to expect.

    I think the late Spring meant that we were able to see many more of the birds nesting and in many cases actually fledging. Seeing the intimate lives of the ground nesting birds including the predation was amazing. I was particularly thrilled to see the mouse like Grasshopper Warbler on its nest - a bird I've only seen once before.

    I think most of the silliness and dumbing down which has dogged some previous episodes was largely eliminated. There was, in my opinion, some good educational material which was well presented and I learned a lot of things which I didn't know before.

    Hard to pick just one favourite moment but if pressed it would have to be the Water Rail. They are hard enough birds to see at the best of times but to see them nesting and the chicks fledging is a very rare and special moment.

  • It's impossible for me to pick a favourite. There was hardly a moment when I wasn't totally engrossed. I particularly enjoyed seeing the amount of background work that goes on round the clock to bring the scenes to our screens. Nick Baker's Springwatch in the Afternoon was exceptionally good at that , as well as providing some additional wildlife material.

  • Superb series - agree that it was the best so far - & looking forward to more in the 'Summer of Wildlife'


  • What photo did you post Alan? I was wondering if anyone from here would enter a pic in...

  • Oh I remember that one! If they'd said it was Doggie's photo, I might have realised who it was! Lol! 'Twas a lovely shot, even if only glimpsed briefly!

  • Aw that's a shame Alan, can you re post on here, I do remember the shot but like to see it again to re jog memory :) They did get the names mixed up a bit didn't they lol......

  • Ah yes I remember!! Its a brilliant photo!

  • Not sure you got your deserved 15 mins of fame Alan,  more like 5 seconds of fame and as you say, they stuffed up on it which was a pity as it is a fantastic photo and deserved a better viewing, however, congrats on the screening of it and as you know I am a big fan of the long tailed tits  :)    I just love that photo.

  • I think you did well to get it live on air. Just imagine how many photos were sent in!

  • Alan, I've just viewed BBC iplayer again to your pic of a LOG Tailed Tit!! Micheala didn't even say your full name nor mention where you came from!

  • Ah right, we'll let her off then lol...

  • Forgot to say, despite loving the Water Rail footage (especially Momma having a dream !!)    I voted for the Jackdaws as it gave such an insight into their behaviour although I must admit it was rough viewing at times when they kept attacking the nestlings :(      just goes to show how tough these chicks were to withstand such a battering .............hope they start to get their own back once they fledge   LOL