Springwatch 2012


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Springwatch 2012

  • Hi All

    The popular BBC wildlife series ‘Springwatch’ is back and will be live from the RSPB’s Ynys-hir nature reserve near Machynlleth in mid-Wales this year. It will be coming to you on Monday 28 May and the webcams are now live.

    Check them out.

    We hope you all enjoy the show for the next few weeks

    RSPB Mods

  • Ooooh I can't wait!! :-)

  • Looking forward to seeing the Great White Egrets nesting in Somerset as well as all the other stuff. Let's hope they don't dumb it down too much.

  • looking forward to it, have watched it every year without fail, brilliant show, informative, interesting, keep up the good work

  • A real must-watch!

  • Great news,havent missed a show yet,very interesting and informative


  • Brilliant show never miss an episode, if I can help it! they cover such a good variety of topics and every programme interesting, look forward to that on Monday:)

    I have already checked the webcams out and will be watching those, thanks for the link!

  • Goodness me, just looked at the nuthatch nest - noisy little things! Fantastic.

  • Hi-  I miss Bill and his Non PC comments-  

    real birders are never going to be PC - we can't be if we want to save our avifauna.



  • I did hear a rumour that the Great Bearded One will be making a guest appearance this year. Hopefully will be live so we can hear him in all his glory :))

  • First installment tonight, it will be great to see what Ynys-hir is looking like - hoping for lots of mentions of the Dyfi ospreys as well as the reserves heronry...from what I have read it sounds like they will be looking at some tasty issues this series, what would you like to see them discuss? Let us know what you think of the show later!

  • Finding the Nuthatches fascinating! Have seen them lots of times in my local park recently.

  • ooo I did enjoy that those Kingfishers are wonderful and what a fiesty little woodmouse. Much better series this time less yak and more action LOL

  • Yes, less emphasis on the presenters and more on the wildlife. A good start...

  • Yes the wood mouse versus vole was incredible!!

    Looking forward to seeing more on the creepy-crawlies too! :-)