Ring Ouzel in Trowbridge, Wiltshire


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Ring Ouzel in Trowbridge, Wiltshire

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Evening,  I am new to this site so hope I have posted this in the correct area (apologies if I haven't).

We have identified a Ring Ouzel in our garden, which is in Trowbridge.  He/she appears to be on his own, and has been around for the past 3 days.
Is there anything that we should be providing food wise, or should the pyracantha bush (red berry variety) be sufficient? 
We live in an area where a lot of our neighbours have removed large trees and bushes from their gardens, so we do get a lot of visitors, however this little chap has stood out amongst our usual guests!
Many thanks in advance,
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  • Hello Claire

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it here.

    I don't want to doubt your ID but Ring Ouzel are migrants & usually arrive back in April,

    Do you have a photo you could post here so we could have a look,

    they eat insects,worms & berries

  • Hi Claire welcome to the forum.

    Do you have a photo? somebody may have better info but the RSPB identifier says they leave in September.It says they eat insects and berries.

    edit..cross post with sugar

  • Could it be a Blackbird with leucism?

  • Any self respecting Ring Ouzel is back in warmer climes,it must be a Blackbird with a touch of leucism

  • It is unusual at this time of year but not impossible. One has been reported on Birdguides at Dunstable in Beds. Hope you get a photo. We'd all like to see that.

  • Ooh thanks for the TJ!

    Dunstable isn't too far from me, and I'm assuming it would be at Dunstable Downs from reading it lives in 'upland areas', I'll keep an eye out for it, might possibly have to take a trip!

    Becca :-)

  • You should get it Becca without leaving home with that new lens lol

  • Claire,  Please report it to Wiltshire Ornithological Society through


    I am sure someone will come and verify it.   There was one last year in the Salisbury area all winter.

    My only concern is you say he/she and the two sexes are different.  A female blackbird with odd plumage can look like a female ouzel.   Either way make sure it is reported.   Bob

  • LOL, if only Alan!

    I think 25 miles is a bit too far though?!

  • Thanks for the comments; I will try to post the photo we have.

    It is definately a Ring Ouzel; it has such a specific white bib with lovely markings down the wings.

    I emailed sightings@wiltshirebirds.co.uk last night...so wait to hear from them.

    Thank you again!

  • Thanks Bob,

    On checking the illustrations on the RSPB Bird Identifier I would say it is most certainly male.


  • Would love to see a photo Claire i've never seen one

  • Apologies for the quality of the photographs - our camera really isn't upto the job.  Hopefully they show everything that you all need to see to make a successful identification!

  • Wow Claire it certainly looks like one comparing it on the identifier, what a great bird to have in your garden.

    When your bird group get back to you i hope you have plenty of tea and biscuits in because you may get one or two popping round to see it lol

  • Certainly looks like one claire

    open the bedroom curtains with caution in the morning or you msy find a Notting Hill experience awaits you