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Wildlife questions


  • Last Friday I took my granddaughter to feed the ducks that are on a small lake not far from where we live.

    The two resident Egyptian Geese had two very small babies, they do seem to lay their eggs very early which

    does not bode well for their survival. They did the same last year and the year before when we had the very

    bad winters, none of the first clutch (5) managed to survive. They disappeared one by one over a number of weeks.

    There are any number of preditors,  Heron, Crows, the last one having got to a good size got run over on the

    nearby car park!

    They always have a second brood and manage to raise 4 or 5, they must go off somewhere else when fully grown

    as there is only ever two left to over winter there.

    Has anyone else seen any young birds yet this year?




  • I saw a pair of Egyptian Geese with six small goslings yesterday. They too will be running the gauntlet of Grey Herons, crows and gulls!

  • . . .  and pike , and mink , and  . . .

  • There aren't any Minks where I saw my ones (very central London). Could be Pike though I suppose!

  • Thanks for your reply Alan. The way the birds in my garden were chasing each other this morning it will not be long before there are lots of young about.

    It took me about an hour yesterday (not good with a drill!) to put up another birdbox, I was

    really pleased this morning to see a Bluetit checking it out.

  • Hi Aiki,  they look so helpless, I will check at the end of the week to see if there is still two, I have a feeling that maybe there was more to start with. Life is very precarious for a baby bird.