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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum :)


Over the last 2 years we have had blue tits nest in our nest box and had a successful year with baby's last year. This year the same blue tits came back to nest again, mum laid 12 eggs and 4 day's ago they all hatched but yesterday morning mum never came home to feed or sit on them we are assuming that mum has sadly been killed, dad had been coming in and out to feed them but as time went on the baby's got colder and colder and couldn't feed off dad so we intervened and took baby's away to a wildlife centre but sadly 4 had died on the way, We are waiting the outcome of the remaining baby's. Does anybody know what will happen to dad? do they just go on their day to day business or will he pair up again and use the same nest box next year? I'm quite sad knowing that dad is out there not knowing what happened to his mate and his baby's :-(


Thanks in advance.

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  • I don't know for sure — i hope an expert will answer this — but I have read that a few male blue tits partner with more than one female in the same season, so I am guessing there's no reason why your fellow shouldn't find another mate next year. But mainly I just wanted to say I feel for you; it's amazing how we come to identify with the trials and tribulations of these little creatures.

  • Oh I do hope that is the case because I don't like to think of him out there lonley. I heard him calling his mate yesterday morning but haven't heard him today, I just hope he hasn't gone too far away and hope he finds a mate next year and comes back to our nest box. We had an update on our baby's last night, sadly another baby died so there are now 7 baby's left and they are very hopeful that they will all survive. They are all feeding very well and are looking healthy. The wildlife centre said that once they are old enough they will bring them back to us to release so there will be more blue tits around :-)

  • He is unlikely to go far from you. Most blue tits stay fairly close to their birthplace. I read a piece that said half the birds studied didn't roam more than 2km away. I'm so pleased that seven chicks are doing well and that they will be released in your garden. Dad might meet up with them again, even if he doesn't quite recognise them when they're all feathered :)

  • I had also read they they don't roam too far away from their birth place too so I do hope that is the case. I still haven't heard or seen him, I just hope he is happy where ever he is and brings a new mate to the nest box next year. All 7 chicks are still doing very well, no more have been lost so hopefully Dad will see them all again very soon.