Golden Oriole in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire?


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Golden Oriole in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire?

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Not sure where to post this! But my mum made me all excited.

She told me she saw a bright yellow bird dart through the woodland in Chandlers Ford where we live - obviously only one bird came to my mind, the Golden Oriole. I showed her the picture and she was 1000% sure that was the bird she saw.

I do believe her, but according to the RSBP page, there are only between 7 - 15 breeding pairs! Perhaps this one was just on passage, they are normally found in the east I believe, but its nice to think we have some down south.

I'd love them to stay and their numbers increase, they are beautiful birds and I'd love to see one myself!

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  • Hi Cheesyem

    Golden Orioles tend to favour Poplar tree plantations as we have here in East Anglia,

    they have started to return, here is a blog about them ,

  • The species that is most often mistaken for Golden Oriole (and a far commoner species) is Green Woodpecker - the bright yellow rump is sometimes all that is noticed when one flies past, especially if it is heading away from the observer.

  • 30 - 40 years ago the New Forest had a small breeding population of Golden Orioles. It would be good if they returned.....

  • Be a first if you are right. I live in C F, would like to know which wood it was seen in?

  • My mum saw it in Knightwood opposite the community centre. She said it wasn't a green woodpecker because she said it had a yellow stomach and she's seen lots of greenies before and would know what one was.

  • Thanks C, I live a short distance away, will keep an eye open when I am around.