Black bird nest disturbed?


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Black bird nest disturbed?

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hi, am new to the forum, and would appreciate some advice. I have had blackbirds nesting on my garden in the large hedge each year, I never cut it until September, and am very aware of the nesting birds. However, yesterday my neighbour put up a gazebo in my garden for me , it is a permanent structure, not a tent, and he has put this very near to the hedge, I left him to it and didn't realise it would be quite so near, this meant that he cut a couple of feet of the hedge depth wise not off the top. I can't see a nest but I haven't seen my blackbirds today and am worried sick this may have disturbed them. They had quite a large baby who is now feeding himself but i know that they have more than one brood. If they have this baby does this mean they wouldn't have been using the nest for him? And would they have eggs in the nest while they still had the baby?. I am gutted, I would never have allowed this to happen had I known it would disturb the hedge. I am not sure of the exact location of the nest, they may be further down which was undisturbed. Also I am now concerned that this gazebo will act as a platform for cats to get to nest, there are not many cats near me as I am near a main road,i do have a dog (a Greyhound, a good cat deterrent!)but he is obviously not out at night. Is there something i could put on the roof to keep cats off whilst being OK for birds to land on? any advice appreciated.  I had previously posted this in the Tea Rooms as wasn't sure which forum was right place for it.

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  • Hi Alan

    thank you very much for that, the fence spikes look great and are cheap!

  • I agree with Alan, thorny things are good. I've trained a climbing rose ( not to climb!)around the part of the pond where cats like to sit..... I've also found, that for places where I don't have to get to, a rambling rose is pretty lethal! and another thought is to plant spiky plants at the base if this is practical of course. A pyracantha is one mean plant and the birds love the berries :0) good luck

  • Hi am66, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm really sorry I can't offer any advice, but I would also agree with Alan and Airy-fairy about the cat thorns. Really hope your blackbirds are ok - they seem like tough birds. If it helps, our neighbour once had a pair nest in the exposed bush right next to her driveway; people would walk past with loud babies and young children, cars would move past the nest by inches, but the blackbirds seemed fine with that :) Really hope your birds are ok, and hope you feel better x

  • Hi everyone and thank you very much for your replies, just an update, (months later) that after a few days the birds appeared again with babies, so all was well. I havent put up any cat deterrents as havent needed it, there are not many cats around where I live and I have a greyhound(he is pretty ancient now bless him) so think they keep away from back garden.

  • Brilliant to hear am66 :) Hope it continues to go well for you.