disturbed blackbird nest!


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disturbed blackbird nest!

  • my husband has cut our hedges, he didnt realise there was a blackbird nest amongst them. Now the nest is exposed with 3 little blue eggs in it. Th e mum blackbird is around - we have seen her visit back and forth. Im worried the magpies will steal the eggs. what should i do?

  • Hi shazzer

    I'm afraid there is nothing you can do, she will probably leave the nest now.

    I know it's too late now but i think the RSPB recommend not cutting hedges between something like March to August.

  • are you sure the nest is blackbird their eggs are a greeny colour with speckles .

    All you can do is hope.


  • Alan is spot on, cutting hedges at this time of year is high risk and not advisable, by all means lop off straggly bits through the summer but leave the strimming and heavy cut backs until later in the year. June is peak nesting time so ideally ask your husband to put the strimmer away until at least September.

    With regards to the nest, any more disturbance of the area could further jeopardise the birds chances so leaving it alone would be the best thing to do. It is certainly likely that predation may occur now the cover has been removed, this is an unfortunate consequence of these actions and unless it would be possible to return the cut sections of the hedge to act as cover, it would be best just to leave alone.

    A sad lesson learnt I hope.