Jackdaw in chimney


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Jackdaw in chimney

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Jackdaws are building a nest in my chimney. Advised by a sweep I removed the cowl on my chimney and now they are moving in. I can hear knocking noises through the wall. Are they damaging the bricks? What can I do and when should I do it so I can have fires again without hurting them?



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  • Hi Judy

    I'm sorry i'm not going to be much help, but if it means you cannot use the chimney i would see about getting the cowl put back on as soon as possible after making sure there isn't a bird in the chimney, it is illegal to disturb birds once they start builing a nest so i don't know how you would stand stopping them.

  • I can't imagine why anybody would advise removing a cowl because it increases draft and prevents backflow, but too late now. As above, you'll have to wait until the birds have flown the nest, then get the chimney cleared if you want to use it. Then get a new cowl. I think it very unlikely birds will damage your bricks, but keep a look out for any brick debris in the fireplace just in case - however that would suggest the bricks were already damaged and the birds have merely dislodged bits.

  • Hi Alan ! you say it is illegal to disturb jackdaws while they are nesting in a chimney, so who would be to blame if the owner of the property wants them removed because they need to use the fire to keep warm, or the sweep for removing the nest because the customer says to do so ?

  • Hi Pep

    In this case i don't think anyone would be to blame if the owner cannot use the chimney then i think common sense would prevail and allow the nest to be removed, but I could be wrong hopefully someone from the RSPB will see this and put me right

    But I should say the nest wants removing ASAP before eggs are laid