Attracting hedgehogs


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Attracting hedgehogs

  • I signed up to the rspb yesterday as I'm starting to feel like I should and have to do something about nature. I live in a suburban place and every morning, wake up to a couple blackbirds and small birds that come and go throughout the day. I saw the wildlife stack and I'm going to attempt to make one, I also want to attract a hedgehog or two as I'm saving up to buy a hedgehog home for my medium sized garden. Is there anyway I can attract them.


    TheresaFi :)

  • Hi Theresa welcome to the community.

    It doesn't matter where you live and how small or large your garden is given a bit of encouragement and birds and wildlife will find you, i assume you already feed the birds?

    One way you could see if you already have Hedgehogs in your garden is to leave some food out such as crushed peanuts, i leave some out along with hog food in trays in two blue recycle boxes turned upside down and a 4" hole cut in one end and a brick on top to stop Cats moving them, i'm lucky enough to have space for a compost heap and my garden is fairly overgrown (wildlife friendly lol) so they have always been here, i wouldn't know how to go about attracting them other than a hedgehog home and food station.

  • You could try contact these to see what they recommend

  • Thank you, I have a dog also, so I don't know if that will stop them from coming into my garden. Yes I do feed the birds small bits of bread on a wooden bird table. Are hedgehog homes any good. What food do they like?


  • I wouldn't have thought your dog would stop them coming if it isn't out at night.

    They will eat crushed peanuts (not the salted ones), dried mealworms, meat based dog or cat food and sunflower hearts

    You never put milk and bread out for them as they cannot digest it

    Here is one member who has success with her Hedgehog homes

  • Thanks for all the help


  • I've just seen your other thread, more people may have ideas in there

  • Are there any special foods that attracts birds like black birds easily ?

  • The Blackbirds in my garden are going mad for uncooked pastry(unsalted) at the minute but they will eat crushed peanuts, dried fruit (soaked in water) and cut up Apples.

  • Okay I will cut up some apples when I can :) ... In a minuete maybe :)