Magpie deterrent, but does it scare smaller birds too?


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Magpie deterrent, but does it scare smaller birds too?

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Hi all

I read that hanging CDs in your garden can scare away magpies, but my question is does it also scare away the smaller birds that we are trying to encourage?

Our house is in Edinburgh, and we have literally hundreds of magpies and scores of grey squirrels.  The small  bird population is small and consists of chaffinches, wrens, sparrows, tits and I've on occasion seen long tailed tits, as well as the larger woodpeckers, wood-pigeons (very fat ones!), tawny owls, buzzards and sparrow hawks.

We are trying to support the small birds in what must be a very hostile environment (every second house seems to own a cat too!).

Our success story so far has been squirrel proof feeders - they don't even bother trying now (we use the cage over the feeder type).  Thankfully this has also kept the magpies at bay.

However, of late we've noticed magpies chasing the coal tits that are trying to nest in our garden, where there are also dunnocks and a couple of sparrows. 

Would hanging CDs help, or do you think this would scare the smaller birds too?

Many thanks for the advice - this is a great resource!

[on a different topic, today (2nd May) has seen the invasion of the greenfly!  I wonder if any birds like them?]

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  • Hi I doubt there is anything likely to stop a Magpie coming into garden except the unmentionable but worth a try and it will definitely not stop small birds coming in,good luck anyway,probably the best way is to give them a good fright every time you see them in or near your garden like a good clap of hands or something more like the sound of a gun. 

  • I would have thought if it frightened Magpies it would frighten all the birds,I suppose it depends on what the c.d.s are and how loud you play them LOL

    As for the greenfly you need an influx of Ladybirds,they love them.