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Robin behaviour

  • Hello everyone.

    Although I'm not new to RSPB, I am new to the forum. I will eventually work out how to put up my own photo but, in the meantime I have, on my allotment obesrved some( to me) odd behaviour from one of my two robin families - my allotment is long so I do see ( I think! ) 2 seperate families.

    I have noticed in the past that robins, when communicated with each other( possibly as a pair) in a non stressful situation, that they will cheep/ chitter very quietly to each other ( sounds like the cheeping is coming from far away.

    Today, while I was pruning out old growth from my raspberry canes, therefore churning up lots of insect goodies for the robins that I had for company. This robin (male or female?) looked as though it was moulting, it was very scruffy - does this happen now? But, this little bird accomanpied me while I was pruning for quite some time. Of course, he/she was finding lots of food and really, I didn't know they would eat spiders - well they do!

    However, that is not really my question/ comment. This little bird started chittering at me - that very soft/far away sound I had thought they would only make to their family members. Yes, I checked around, I was the only one there. It was no more than 2 feet from me and chittered on for quite some time. It was just magical. Has anyone else experience this?

    Probably this is a regular occurance and I know robins are very common but, am I  just being well behind the times in posting this but, I found it inspiring.


  • Hi shahpur1

    I've experienced exactly the same thing as you've described. You hear this soft sweet sounding song and look around expecting it to be some distance away and find the Robin is perched only a couple of feet away watching you. I've always thought of it as a sub-song but what its purpose is I don't really know. They just seem to be happy (shouldn't really assign human emotions to them) but it is a very pleasant thing to experience.

  • How nice to have a robin spending time with you like that,  I hope you twittered softly back. I have had them sitting close by when in the garden  but never experienced the 'chat', Lovely