Advice needed on albino robin chicks


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Advice needed on albino robin chicks

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Dear all,  this is my first post on here; I am just looking for a bit of advice.  A robin made it's nest in our garden shed in an old woven hamper we had in there.  We saw that the robin had laid eggs in there and was sitting on them/looking after them with no problem.  This week we peered in through the open window (the shed is locked but there is no window, it is covered in ivy so the robins can come and go as they please),  we saw two baby chicks which were out of the nest,  and hopping around the shed (there maybe more, we have only looked in there once,  the shed is now "out of bounds" so we don't disturb them.  

Anyway, these chicks are both pure white with pink eyes, I'm sure they are albinos.  They are very, very sweet but we are very worried that once they manage to fly out of the shed they will be killed as "freaks", either by cats or even other birds.

Is there anything we can do to try and help these chicks before they fly out into the big bad world, or do we just have to leave them to nature and hope that they survive on their own ? 

Thanks for any advice,


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  • Hello Helen and welcome to the forum.

    Your albino chicks are very vulnerable to predation as they will stick out like a sore thumb to any passing cat or sparrowhawk, but I don't think there is anything you can do other than let nature take its course. I wish them luck.

  • True albino birds don't stand much chance in the wild, sadly, as (besides being noticeable to predators) they usually have serious eye problems and badly impaired vision :(

  • Hello,  thanks for your replies.  We guessed that the chicks don't stand much of a chance in the wild, I also wondered about their eyesight.  They are so sweet,  my seven year old son is such a bird fanatic, he has watched the robins build their nest and then lay their eggs, we have been so careful not to disturb the nest.  It seems such a shame if their days are numbered.  

    How long does it normally take for them to fly, they are quite fluffy now ? If they are still hopping around in the shed in a weeks time (I wonder if their eyesight is bad whether they will be able to easily get out of the little window) then should we just leave them there,  is it cruel to get some kind of aviary for them ?  I don't know whether it's better to let nature take it's course or try and help them.  I also wouldn't want to separate them from the robin parents, who are taking food in to them all the time.