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  • Is there any sure fire way of stopping fledgelings flying into your windows.

    Our back bedroom window has the reflection of  two Sycamore trees and the skyline in it.

    I have draped three vertical blind droppers on the window  but it's not perfect.

    Would transfers or decals stuck to the glass be a better option ?

  • Hi Keetra welcome to the forum.

    Yep you can get decals for the glass, from the RSPB or if you search on Amazon you can find some there.

  • Thank you Alan.

  • Hi

    I don't know if it's practicable or how it would look but the RSPB recommend putting cling film on the outside of windows when birds attack their reflections you could always try putting some on the inside of your window to see if it breaks up the relection.

  • Stickers with bold colours and shapes stuck to the outside of the glass is your best course of action as this is the only way to effectively break up the reflection in the outer surface of the glass.

  • I had this problem with a male Chaffinich, ( see my thread ' A demented Chaffinch or What'). I tried all the tricks, only one worked, Clingfilm on outside of the window, instant success, bird moved to another window, Clingfilm instant success again. Looks naff but only needed to keep it on for a couple of days. Very cheap option.

    Cheers Richard