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  • Hi, I'm currently rearing a jackdaw, it is almost eating on is own and I'm wondering what is best to encourage it to eat? It was found a few weeks ago in a really bad way, cracked and bloody beak and had been bitten. I'm pleased to say after some force feeding and tlc, he has now made a full recovery, however, he has imprinted quite badly and now follows me everywhere when I'm home (including waiting outside the bathroom for me), and despite getting outside twice he is still with me, so I don't think releasing him is going to be an option. If anyone has got any tips on what to be giving him, I would really appreciate it. I'm giving him a mix of stuff at the moment, mainly ad food (high calorie/high protein) and meal worms, but what else should he be having? Also in terms of supplements etc? Finally, I was thinking about getting him a leg ring, any idea how to go about this? Thanks in advance x
  • No expert meself....Not many people online at the moment but am sure you`ll be getting seriously good advice in near future from friendly and knowledgeable members here.

  • Hi Beanie, wow so you have a jackdaw as a pet now, I had an image in my head if I had one as a pet and he following me about the house... makes a change from the cats following me about. Hope you get it sorted.

  • I agree with Doggie. You definitely need Maisie to help you with this one. She rescues corvids and has several as pets.

    She usually pops in once or twice a week.

  • Thanks everyone, my next question is does anyone have contact details for Maisie so I cam PM her? Also, where do I find out about getting JD (as he is known) a leg ring?

  • Live mealworms are definitely the best thing to get the jackdaw interested in eating for itself. As well as that I would offer something like a mealworm crumble or insectivore mix like Bogena or Beaphar and some titbits like a bit of cooked chicken, chopped grape or bits of cheese for it to poke around in. Soaked good quality dog biscuits are a good option too (we use Royal Canin). With any luck you won't need much in the way of supplements if you can get it eating a balanced diet, but if you want to add something anyway, try something like VetArk's ArkVits (mix of supplements and probiotic) is what our avian vet recommended.

    You can get various sized leg rings from various bird keeping organisations. The BTO may not want you putting a BTO ring on a captive bird, but I'm not 100% about their rules.

    Feel free to PM me if you need more info!

  • Come on JD-Smile for the camera....

  • Beanie, just before you go to find a ring as Maisie suggests don't forget you will need a split ring.  The closed ones only go on nestlings and once the foot has hardened you shouldn't be able to get those on or off the foot

  • I would recommend speaking with some animal welfare experts such as the staff at St Tiggywinkles or Corvid Aid with regards to the long term care of this imprinted jackdaw.

  • Thankyou everyone!!

    I've got some 'pinkies' (baby mice :-s) for him to try as I want to try and get him eating on his own, as the cat has currently gone on hunger strike because he wants the wet food that JD is on rather than his pro plan. Luckily the cat is only young and doesn't bother with JD anymore, although I will never trust them to be alone together - dont worry!!

    JD has also been having wax worms, as well as meal worms, although he seems to struggle swallowing them, even when they're boiled before hand. I've been giving him soggy pro-plan cat biscuits, which he seems to enjoy, so I'll start adding a few more things to his diet.

    In the day while I'm at work I've been leaving the radio on and the cage open (the cat is in a different room) and there are various toys in his cage. Should I be doing anything else?

    I'll get some pics up tomorrow as I can't do them from here x