Home made anti-squirrel Devices .... have you any devices?


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Home made anti-squirrel Devices .... have you any devices?

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hi there

We had a lot of trouble with Squirrels in our last garden (x3-x4 at times)

So Dave my enterprising OH embarked on making an anti-Squirrel device of his own.

It worked a treat and simply watching the squirrels trying to run up the main pole was very amusing.   The birds where not botered about the height at all and it was really strange to see the Blackbirds sitting on the edges feeding.

The whole construction is 6 foot high. and the Green plant pots are wide so the Squirrels cannot clamber up to the top.

Picture one - the old version

Picture two and three the upgraded version of the same feeder


Kathy and Dave

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  • Brilliant, how ingenious!  Just goes to show that you don't have to spend lots of money, just have a good think about how you can use the resources you have.

    My friend had a problem with squirrels hogging the birdfeeders, which he solved in in a very different way.  He wanted the birds to come to the feeders, but also enjoyed the comical activity of the squirrels.  By watching the squigs he found their preferred route into and out of the garden, and hung feeders there.  Now they only come to the closest feeder as they enter the garden, and the birds are left in peace on 'their' feeders in full view of the kitchen window.  Everyone's happy!


  • When I had my old bird table I had exactly the same problem so I got a load of empty large fizzy drinks bottles and cut off both the top and bottom ends. Then make a slit down the length of the bottle and just stacked them one on top of each other right up to the top of the table. Every time the squirrel tried to jump on the they move around and they can't get any purchase. Quite funny to watch too. Well done with your own idea it's great.