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  • Forum Thread: Blue Tit chicks

    Hi I have just joined this forum, mainly to see if anyone can shed a light on something. We put up a bird box with a camera earlier this year. A blue tit made a beautiful nest in it and laid 8 eggs. They all hatched on the 26th of March. Everything was going brilliantly, they were all feeding really...
  • Forum Thread: how do we report finding a dead bird of prey?

    We were out walking with our dog on the Fraserburgh coast at St Combs and found the body of a small bird of prey. We are not sure exactly what it is, could be owl or kestrel
  • Forum Reply: Re: Cloud seeding and the effect on birds etc This clip shows that the German media are investigating what appears to be military spraying of chemicals into our skies. This is what I was worried about!!
  • Forum Thread: Sudden increase in dead birds

    I was just curious as to whether there is a reason behind the sudden increase in dead birds in my area. I live in Braintree, Essex and I walk my dogs for about 3hrs every day, I cover a large amount of the local area and over the last two years I had not seen one dead bird that I can remember now in...
  • Forum Thread: No more blackbirds??

    Heya I live in Chippenham and used to have loads of blackbirds visiting our garden, but we haven't seen any since around Spring, and even then we didn't see many young as we usually do. Is there anyway we can attract them again? We get some other birds like long tailed tits, blue tits, crows...
  • Forum Thread: Large dead bird in garden.

    Hi, We found a dead bird in our garden, we think it may have flew into the window. It's quite large so we're not sure if we need to report it to anyone, any advice would be helpful! Sinead
  • Forum Thread: dead swan in the canal

    Just seen a dead swan on the i need to report it, and if so who is the most appropriate agency?...I've been searching on-line and can't get a clear answer. I can't tell if the swans death is suspicious. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Ian