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  • Forum Thread: Woodpecker.

    Have had greater spotted woodpeckers around for last 2/3 years. Seen both male and female in January and February, but have seen or heard nothing of them now for a few weeks! What can have happened to them? Feeders have been out and full all the time. Can't understand it. Any thoughts?
  • Forum Reply: Re: Do Woodpeckers ever get a Headache when they hit Wood?

    Hi, as far as I know- they have a toughened skull- and their brain is cushioned so it does not move inside the skull and cause a concussion :) S
  • Forum Reply: Re: Cloud seeding and the effect on birds etc This clip shows that the German media are investigating what appears to be military spraying of chemicals into our skies. This is what I was worried about!!
  • Forum Thread: Woodpecker's beak

    We have great spotted woodpeckers come to our bird feeders from time to time. Today, we saw one with a beak roughly twice the normal length. Has anyone else seen anything similar? How unusual is it?