Can you Identify this small bird?


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Identify this

Can you Identify this small bird?

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I was walking across farmland when i saw this small bird in the distance. I thought it was a reed bunting but the beak is different, what you do think?

this is the second picture, as you can see it doesn't leave much to go off. The bird was too far away for me to see any markings or colour with the naked eye, so i've only got these two pictures to go off.

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  • It's an invisibird :( Can you try again with the photo?

  • lol, picture failed, but hopefully it is on view now:)

  • Yes, can see it now. But I can't ID it - that bill looks way too big not just for Reed Bunting but for everything else that comes to mind. Any more photos? Sorry not to be more helpful...

  • Could it be a Reed Bunting with an overgrown beak?

  • It looks like it has the body markings of a Reed Bunting with the beak of a Bee eater. Difficult one. I wonder what it is.

  • Looking at the beak I was thinking toward Bee-eater or even Kingfisher - but then the body suggests something completely different - I was even thinking toward Stonechat with the  white on the collar. Lets hope soemone comes up with an answer - it would be a shame for this to go unidentified.

    Andy C

  • Starling, that collar is just the light to me, it would be obvious in both IMO

  • Yeah, I considered Starling but thought the bill looked too big even for that and also the back looked streaked, but I suspect it's just the tilt of the head that gives the oversized bill impression, and the streaking is a trick of the light. Second pic shows the Starling pattern more clearly.

  • When i saw the bird in the distance it apeared to be about the size of a robin, but it is very hard to be sure of size when it was far away. I have seen starlings perched on the same wire before, and since michael mentioned starling i've looked at the second picture in a new light and relise it is more than likely to be a starling. It is crazy how the camera can trick you and change the look of object colour ect. Im disapointed its only a starling, i was getting excited with the mention of bee eater. Thank you everyone with there input helping clear this one up. P.S back in january i took a picture of a blackbird with the same camera and it apeared to be a blue bird lol