is this a tree sparrow please help???


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is this a tree sparrow please help???

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  • that is what is making me think it isnt a tree sparrow but it is not a house sparrow without the cheek mare i wasnt sure could it be any other type of sparrow mate

  • Yes it is. I`m pretty certain.

  • I would say it is a tree sparrow mr doggie i could not do that other thing ?, jan

  • thanks all i will agree its a tree sparrow thanks for your help to everyone

  • I'm with tree due to the small bib, could be wrong


  • that panda link ? jan

  • Hi, this bird isn't right for either- the cheek spot looks absent but he head looks all brown. However there is a shadow cheek spot and there looks to be some

    Grey on te crown and I believe this is a hybrid.

  • Thanks.


  • Was the photo taken in UK?

  • yes it was north wales

  • I was interested in Michael's remarks because it caused me to look closer at the birds in the hedge around a park home site near my patch.There were at least 2 birds like this and as the flock consists of both Tree and House Sparrows there may have been some cross breeding here,not a point I had considered before

  • Hi-

    this doesnt look like any hybrid HS TS   I've seen before. To me it looks like a TS with a non existent cheek patch.

    Anyone else care to comment?



  • I don't see any House Sparrow traits. You'd expect a hybrid to show a bit of grey on the forehead, and an intermediate-sized bib. Like Seymour says, everything looks right for Tree Sparrow apart from the plain cheeks.

  • Some pictureS show small bib of hybrids I've seen before. When I looked closely I felt I saw grey fleshing in the crown and wouldn't expect this, and lacking cheek patches, in tree sparrow. Also, I noticed a small White mark behind the eye. This could be nothing but I'm not sure how 'pure' this bird is.

    If you can't see anything then I'll accept a pale cheeked tree spartow

  • My thought was Italian sparrow. No idea if people keep them in aviaries, or why it would be in Wales. Something not quite right.