Warbler or Chiff Caff ??


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Warbler or Chiff Caff ??

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  • Bjbear.  I think it is a chiffchaff but always find these 2 difficult.  I am making a comment in order that it doesnt disappear and you will hopefully get other opinions.

  • Actually, it looks like a female Blackcap to me!! See it's little brown cap?

  • Legs look darkish so I'd go with Chiffchaff too!

  • I was having the very same problem over the weekend.  Good luck

  • Chiffchaff I would say.  Here's a link.


    I usually go off the song.  But in this case the distinct cresent under the eye is the clue.

  • Yes, Chiffchaff (which is a warbler!).

    A combination of subtle features all combine together to help with the identification:

    -The eye ring is only obvious below the eye, contrasting with dark cheeks.

    -The wings appear relatively short (though very difficult to judge from this angle).

    -The supercilium, although quite long, is not particularly distinct.

    -The legs are dark.

    -The overall appearance is of a relatively 'dingy' birds without clean white underparts or any obvious yellow.

  • Lovely little visitor. Well caught

  • Legs aren't a positive feature...

    Also, always use more than one feature. Especially if that feature is a variable one.

  • Willow Warbler taken Yesterday.  

  • This is a cartoon I drew (years ago) about the perils of relying on just one identification feature:

  • God Save The Queen! :-)