May Mystery quiz


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).
Identify this

May Mystery quiz

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Ok guys


have a crack at this




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  • Small bird -


    light speckles on its plumage

    so i'll go for an Owl of some sort,

    off now to look up Owls on Lesvos

  • Little Owl ?

  • bird on wire

  • Poor answer Penny.Is it anagram of I biro`d wren? Move onto quiz 2 and we`ll go down Wood Warbler-Chiffchaff route together..Regards etc etc.

  • I am wavering between Scops and Little Owl...think I will sit on the wire for the moment

    Caroline in Jersey

  • Little owl, I think

  • Well done anyone who said Little Owl